kean has eaten a whole large watermelon by himself in the last 2 days!
I wonder if I can eat a whole watermelon too?! haha :D


creative muse + cutout x nookanooka

handmade notebooks by Notbook-Notbuk and this fabric is from pupurin!
lovely nail ointment from lullabelle

creative muse, a collaboration project by cutout magazine & the weld shopping centre.

–. – my eyes kept closing when I was shaking hand with vivian, and I wondered why...

it's always a great pleasure to meet each one of you and see the faces behind the artwork! :)
NOOKA assets organiser

Project A: Anniversary
(Artist get-together, prize-giving ceremony PLUS Live video with Matthew Waldman, USA)

It is truly a great pleasure to be able to participate in this NOOKA customization project, which is also to commemorate the first year anniversary of CUTOUT.
Big thanks to Jay Lim and Vivian for the perfectly organized collaboration!

I love the assets organiser that NOOKA gave!
as it was unique and looked to be durable :)

The Nooka Asset Organizer offers a streamlined alternative to the conventional wallet. Made from silicone and designed to fit in your back pocket or even in a small compartment of your bag, and is available in many bold colors. Visit www.nooka.com for more information.

and if you are interested how I came up with this NOOKA NOOKA from a nude one,
please check this link out :)


team spotlight

it's very exciting and a great honor to be chosen for team etsy malaysia's blog post on team spotlight! thanks Alison for everything! :) check out here!


work break

I sprained my ankle yesterday. first ankle sprain ever and it really scared me.
but because of this, I can take a short break from the mounting workload, haha.
happy/unhappy day?!


mad pirate!

pirate shyshy and bunny are special made for the special mad pirate theme!
we celebrated kaka's one year anniversary and tuna's birthday as well.
such a special day to be part of kaka art market :)

new found handmade patchwork Bai Jia Bei (100 Good Wishes Quilt) by xiao fei.
what a lovely and unique baby gift idea! visit her website for more information :)


black cute strawberry

check out this newly made cute dress at The KL Bazaar this Saturday!
Date: 4 June 2011
Venue: North & South Atrium, SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara
Time: 12pm – 8pm