a colorful night

although this was our third time to beautifully lighted i-City we still appreciated the beautiful neon city. this time, we went there with family members. both my nephew and niece had a blast! :)


Digi day out

it was a great pleasure that we could take part in Digi's green bazaar. it was like crafter gathering and headquarter visit rather than a bazaar day as it is really an interesting place to hang out! :D

the open work environment looks really cool! I like inspiring environments. this is conducive for creativity. a stress-free environment always inspires creativity and productivity.

thanks sweet evelin for bringing us there. and thanks jun & sammi for the nice coffee & tea, and the wonderful lunch! we really enjoyed it! we can't wait for the next one! :)


the art cafe

we were too hungry until we forgot to take the photos for the yummy food.
chris from the art cafe is a very good cook! and he has cute cats meowing at his place :)

markets, jaya one

what a lovely day (thank God it wasn't raining!) to meet all the new friends and miao :)


cold pasta

cucumber & tomato cold spaghetti recipe from this cool channel!
kean made this and it was delicious! :)


clay experience

making pottery bowls with clay is a fun and creative art project :)