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PUPURIN has rebranded!

Just a quick post to let you all know that PUPURIN has rebranded and finally has a Facebook page. Check it out and let us know what you think.


malacca retreat

we went to malacca for a short break. eat, eat and eat.
and we had our very first bloody cockles experience right next to the drains in a small alley.
honestly we do practice proper food safety and food hygiene so this is obviously not the thing for us.


great vegetarian meal

these are our favorite vegetarian meal-curry mee and kolok mee.
what is your favorite vegetarian meal?


time to share the love

valentine's day is the perfect occasion to sew a ❤ to give for that special someone.
it is so easy to make, so come on let's get it started! :)

visit our pupurin etsy shop for more details.


new year, new tool

its finally here. I believe that iPhone 4S is designed to help me stay better organized :)


menglembu fortune kitty

each cat has their own story and I wonder what is the story of this cat.


gong xi fa cai

chinese calligraphy hui chun by summer ting

yeah! all our outstanding orders have been shipped out this morning :)

and we will be on a nice long Chinese New Year break till 27th January 2012.
don’t worry, you can still keep ordering (please do!),
but delivery will only recommence once we get back from our break.

a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to all of you!


kaka art market to penang

a happy work and play trip to penang with all the kaka's crafters!

we went to visit chai diam ma, handmade + cafe at Lebuh Queen.
it's a great place to reminisce the sweet old days.
besides, we also went to Straits Quay, where is splendidly suburban with fresh air and tranquility.

as for work, the event we went is an annual ‘temple fair’ or known as Miao Hui by Guang Ming Daily which is a Chinese New Year carnival celebration. we especially love Tow Boo Kong (Nine Emperor Gods Temple) in Raja Uda, Butterworth which is decorated with Chinese New Year lantern lighting and it is magnificent at night, indeed.