kinder soaps

summer fizz from sweet michelle which I use for my hair and body.
I love the good smell of it, which is a blend of sweet orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oils that serve to beat back depression and encourage mental clarity. and I am so in love with this soap on my hair :)


Urbanscapes 2011

we had our first wonderful date at Urbanscapes. we enjoyed the friendly vibe all around, and how comfortable everyone is in turning strangers into friends. we totally look forward to the next one!


cheery blossom

sweet cherry blossom, our new dress designs in japanese floral print.
and we will bring it to Urbanscapes, come and check out our new dress and other cool stuffs!
we hope to see you there!


july summer dress

Absolutely adorable sleeveless dress with floral print fabric.
This dress is perfect for spring and summer days and special occasions. Easy to slip on, your little one will look precious in this summer dress. Don't forget the coordinating hat for the complete "look"!
Available in size 5 years, measuring 27" in length.