yidi kitty

our new kitty, yidi.
he has a black dot on his forehead, look like a drop of water.
so we decide to call him yidi, 一滴, meaning one drop in chinese.
and it also sounds like 义弟, brotherhood in chinese,
meaning younger brother to kita! :)

we have no idea where he came from.
where is his mom? who abandoned him?

he acts like dog and we were thinking if he was raised around puppies.
he makes very bird-like sounds, we even thought he was raised alongside birds.

anyhow, we are happy to have yidi as our second cat! :)


the gray cat

our neighbor's cat who always comes to our door looking for food.
we love how she meows, very softly. miao~


little pupumon

work in progress

little pupumon is 100% original designed and handmade by pupurin
and now available at Pipit Zakka Store!

Pipit Zakka Store
18, Jalan SS2/55
47300, Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
* double storey house opposite POH KONG

Business Hour:
Wed- Fri ~12pm-8pm
Sat & Sun ~ 12pm-6pm
Mon, Tue & Public Holiday ~ Closed


big bad wolf

we lost our way and police show us the direction!

check out the lady on the left who is carrying a box and suitcase! I should bring my suitcase instead of my small sling bag :p
heavy boxes of books

awesome popup book that we bought!

the big bad wolf book sale was crazy, we bought cheap children’s books for a mere rm5 each.
we went there twice to shop our favourite books. absolutely worth going :)


hidden cats exhibition

our first collaborative exhibition with jun nv and rice.
both of them are very talented artists!
and all of us are cat lovers! :)

we worked very well together, we talked a lot about cats!
and friendships were built during the time we worked together.

for those who missed the exhibition, don't worry,
we will continue arranging the exhibition in other venues!
so stay tuned!


temporary lens

we have some temporary lens to play with and macro lens is so cool!