Kaka Handmade Art Market

manmanku and pupurin are going to be at the Kaka Handmade Art Market this Sunday
and selling our handmade girls dresses, original designed sewing kits "5 Little Sweethearts",
themed products and other cute stuffs.

Date : 3/4/2011 (Sunday)
Time : 11am - 7pm
Venue : Shaw Parade, Changkat Dollah Thambi, 55100 KL
Theme : Animal Kingdom
Attired : Wild Colour

we've never been to Shaw Parade., let's hope we won't get lost, haha.

please come and join in the fun. we hope to see you there!


Supplies Surprise! Bazaar

If you like handmade and are always looking out for pretty and rare craft supplies from Felt,
Japanese Linen, Designer Fabric to crafty stuff like pretty papers, embellishments and
metal findings - This is the right place for you!

pupurin will be selling fabrics / scraps / remnants and original designed sewing kits
at the Supplies Surprise! Bazaar this Saturday, 2.4.2011, 12:00pm - 7:00pm at Bfree.


earth hour

we turned off the lights and others, and we went cycling to see how people in our neighborhood react to this earth hour. sadly many people seem not aware to take action. in fact, media were not really promoting earth hour this year compared to last year. anyway, after the lights go back on, we do think about what else we can do to make a difference. and let's work together to create a better future!


march madness sale

what a great day! we have received etsy order for 7 dresses! miao!

don't forget we are now having March Madness Sale!
please visit manmanku shop to check out our great dresses for only $10!
hurry hurry! and enjoy shopping! :)


Land O'Lakes

ELIZA is on her way going to Land O'Lakes, Florida, United States.
I hope she will arrive safely, and Jessica will love her more than I do :)


wheat grain

lately I've been very busy with work, I haven't had much time with my kita miao :(
I bought organic wheat grain quite some time ago and started to plant my own wheat grass for kita two weeks ago. kita seems like to play with it but it doesn't seem to have a preference for this wheat grass! :S anyway, I will try to get kita a proper wheat grass next time and see how would kita react to it :)


black swan

thrilling, chilling, and mesmerizing is how I would describe this movie.
I was fully into the movie then entire time, even though I don't know too much about ballet.


we love norway

we hope Tiina love the dress once it arrives!
also, we have included a little surprise to brighten her day :)



I get myself these ikea laiva shelves for better organization.
and, I guess we still need more storage furniture!


happy family

I saw this at a bookstore today! I was thinking about getting one of those traditional card game which I really love to play when I were young :)


happy tiramisu+sake

a very small birthday cake for my loved one :) one small thing but it means a lot :p

I don't really fancy tiramisu cake, but I have to agree that bon bon's tiramisu with brandy is really fantastic! and we both fancy sake, so I get this at a most satisfying purchase! :)


this is the day!

the first ever appearance :)
do i look funny with my facial expression? :p
our handmade hand cut corrugated mini signage for manmanku!

little darling of tiong :) and her lovely parents bought her new dress from manmanku! :)
jasmyne's sweetheart!
thanks ben & redzuan for dropping by! and redzuan gets his sis our designed sewing kit, so sweet of him!
L: thanks jasmyne for her wonderful contribution.  R: thanks sin yee and her beloved mom&sis for coming to support me :)
and our handmade hand cut corrugated mini signage for pupurin!
original designed sewing kits :)
L: we are little kitty, little puppy, little froggy, little teddy & little bunny!  R: handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for S size
handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for M size
handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for L size

so happy to see this loving couple! thanks for your support, ms white & mr lam! :) 
L: patty, my neighbor who is very friendlyand she gave me a sample of her handmade soap, so nice of her! :)
R: thanks andrew & henry for dropping by (even though you guys kept catching up behind of me)! :p
it was 9 something at night, the crowd was getting less and I managed to snap the place of our handmade market, hehe.
thank you thank you and thank you for all your support!
L: little pening kitty is adopted by meiyee & chunlin, thanks so much my dear! :) i miss my pening kitty now!
and thanks shen leong for taking these very nice pictures for us!  

I had a great time at the Handmade Market by Etsy Malaysia.
it was my first time and I met really nice etsy vendors :)

I loved the chairs and tables, and the great surrounding settings.
only one thing, the venue was a little bit extra hidden inside LeX.

it was really fun and good day although I didn't get enough rest for the past few days,
I still feel very refreshed! guess I was too excited that day! haha.

thanks to those who stopped by to say hi.
I am so happy to meet so many of new friends and old friends!
friendly support from all my friends is deeply appreciated, xoxo!

There was so much to do for this one day market,
but I feel everything is worth with all the positive feedback!
thanks again for everyone for coming out to support manmanku and pupurin! :)
you've made my day!
and I can't wait for the next one! :)

first ever packing

everything was packed nicely into the ikea storage boxes and small luggage bag.
see you later at Handmade Market at Empire Shopping Gallery! :)