cheers 2 art

Bros's collaboration with independent artists. and we love yisin's polar bear the most!



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art for grabs

we had a great weekend! and best part of being here at Art For Grabs gives us the chance to get to know so many wonderful artists.


toy/pet fair

a day visit to Malaysia international toys(pets) fair, haha :D


glutinous rice cake

very nice traditional teochew kueh that we had at restaurant teochew lao er.


dessert is delicious

we were very glad to have had the opportunity to work on illustration for Tong Pak Fu, a popular dessert store from Hong Kong offering a wide range of desserts. they have opened outlet in Sunway Giza and KLCC. they are popular for it's magnificent snowy ice shaved. it's like thinly shaved ice cream but less creamy and very light tasting. the desserts are sinfully delightful and irresistible. and we had mango and D24 durian snow ice on our first visit to this shop :)