feng shui - a solo exhibition by munkao

The coolest painstallation – Work / Life Balance
The bicycle connected to the painting acts as a kinetic power generator to create sound and movement in the painting. Each time a person pedals the bicycle, the galloping sound of horses can be heard alongside, emulating an invigorating ride with horses.

my favourite piece – Go with the Flow of Good Luck
This contemporary water feature is constructed with neon tubes that spells out the word ‘Good Luck’. Instead of filling the tube with neon gas, flowing water will be pumped through the tube, creating the cyclical flow of running water that will evoke ambience and comfortable living.
Frog with Glow for Home Safety
An auto dimmer is attached to the painting which lights up the glowing eyes of the toad and comfortingly dims it. The night light frog is a home safety artwork that has a dual function as an aesthetic work of art that also protects the home from intruders.
Time to Get Rich
Time is wealth and its value in contemporary society cannot be underestimated. This wall piece dispenses a four digit lucky number with a push of the red button. The seemingly random numbers are generated from a unique algorithm that is written based on the Bagua trigram that will help you achieve success in your future undertakings.

feng shui catalogue that I designed for munkao. you can get this at the gallery :)

Feng Shui is a meeting point between age old metaphysics of Feng Shui and contemporary art. This exploration sees Munkao, an artist well recognised for his painterly foray into our everyday pop culture, apply Feng Shui principles and imageries to his new series of 'painstallations', 'prosperity sculptures' and 'auspicious neo-landscapes'.

see more brilliant work from munkao, please visit
Wei-Ling Gallery
8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur

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