this is the day!

the first ever appearance :)
do i look funny with my facial expression? :p
our handmade hand cut corrugated mini signage for manmanku!

little darling of tiong :) and her lovely parents bought her new dress from manmanku! :)
jasmyne's sweetheart!
thanks ben & redzuan for dropping by! and redzuan gets his sis our designed sewing kit, so sweet of him!
L: thanks jasmyne for her wonderful contribution.  R: thanks sin yee and her beloved mom&sis for coming to support me :)
and our handmade hand cut corrugated mini signage for pupurin!
original designed sewing kits :)
L: we are little kitty, little puppy, little froggy, little teddy & little bunny!  R: handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for S size
handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for M size
handmade hand cut corrugated kitty standee for L size

so happy to see this loving couple! thanks for your support, ms white & mr lam! :) 
L: patty, my neighbor who is very friendlyand she gave me a sample of her handmade soap, so nice of her! :)
R: thanks andrew & henry for dropping by (even though you guys kept catching up behind of me)! :p
it was 9 something at night, the crowd was getting less and I managed to snap the place of our handmade market, hehe.
thank you thank you and thank you for all your support!
L: little pening kitty is adopted by meiyee & chunlin, thanks so much my dear! :) i miss my pening kitty now!
and thanks shen leong for taking these very nice pictures for us!  

I had a great time at the Handmade Market by Etsy Malaysia.
it was my first time and I met really nice etsy vendors :)

I loved the chairs and tables, and the great surrounding settings.
only one thing, the venue was a little bit extra hidden inside LeX.

it was really fun and good day although I didn't get enough rest for the past few days,
I still feel very refreshed! guess I was too excited that day! haha.

thanks to those who stopped by to say hi.
I am so happy to meet so many of new friends and old friends!
friendly support from all my friends is deeply appreciated, xoxo!

There was so much to do for this one day market,
but I feel everything is worth with all the positive feedback!
thanks again for everyone for coming out to support manmanku and pupurin! :)
you've made my day!
and I can't wait for the next one! :)


jessica said...

how possible could i buy the fabrics since im not staying in kl TT...possible for me to order online?so damn like your fabrics =P
hope to hear from you.

patty said...

it was fun to aside u oh..hope to see u around more ya.

panpan said...

hi jessica, thanks for liking our fabric :)
I'm now setting up my pupurin shop, and you could visit pupurin-shop.blogspot.com :) will keep you updated on it!

panpan said...

patty, my dear patty, hope to see you soon! :)

Sin Ling said...

Hey pan pan, i am Sin Yee's sister, i love your website and the kitty, nice. :)

Kricia said...

panpan, me loveee your fabrics !

cant wait for your pupurin blogspot to launch!


panpan said...

hello sin ling!! thanks so much for visiting my blog and Handmade Market at Empire! :) do your boy boy like our little kitty? hope he loves it!!

panpan said...

dear kricia, thanks for dropping by!!
i love your notbook too!!

me myself can't wait for pupurin blogspot to launch too, hehehe!