kaka day!

very nicely done recycled crocodile!

sweet gyn, my neighbor teaches me and i have made only 3 :|
I wish to try next time, look so fun! :)
a great pleasure to meet soft-spoken sumi!

thanks patty for holding all the stuffs, hehe... :p
lovely group photo :) nice meeting all of you!

another happening day! this was the first time we participated in the Kaka Handmade Art Market at Shaw Parade. we love the animal kingdom theme and all the decorative and designed stuffs at the venue! and surprisingly, I was asked to have sharing session about manmanku & pupurin, together with a few other crafters. (blushing *-*) it was a great, great pleasure :) thanks Tuna for giving me this rare opportunity, really appreciate it. I met new friends who are very talented&lovely crafters and art&craft lovers! and manmanku & pupurin would like to thank everyone for your support. we will definitely design and make more stuffs for the next one! see you all soon!


milka said...

can see it was a great success. congrats. do u sell buttons? hey, why there isn't a 'follow' button for this blog?

panpan said...

Thanks milka, my dear su :)

Sorry, we didn't sell buttons but we do sell fabrics :)

Will add the follow widget then, please do follow us, hehe :)

milka said...

So difficult to korek this page out for this reply. Anyway thanks for the reply ah.

panpan said...

I have just added categories, hope it helps :)
thanks for dropping by!