pipit wonderful market

we are pipit too! pit... pit... :)
first attempt at trying to create a wall signage :)
wonderful recycled materials for pipit signage
come come come :)
i finally met tako :) i wanted to get her doll but it sold out in about 30 minutes! superb!
(she is the girl smiling and surrounded by crowd in the centre of the picture)
the happening crowd
patty and her father cum assistance :p
creative approach to message sending!
sweet korea girl who brought all our five little animal sewing kits back with her :)

attention grabbing color combinations!
awesome miniature design!
love the balloons and her bags so much! :)
I saw her bags hanging on the wall when setting up! where is the bag? incredible how fast they sold out!
shy shy and me :)
we were giving out this sunflower seeds to customers who purchase more than RM30.
the sunflower seeds represent the "seeds of love" and a basis for love to grow. happy mother's day to our mothers!

we had a wonderful day with pipit where we met wonderful people and saw original and wonderful design! lovely, lovely and lovely! :) thanks pipit, mike and ivery for the great organising, everything was excellent and can't wait until the next one! also, thanks to all who were there to support us, you guys are awesome! :)

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